Reading Soul Music (Discworld) 2005-04-09

Finally gotten some time to read again... Bought Soul Music the day my fiancee was in for her operation, and I was left to wait for hours.

Less than half way into it so far. I love the way Terry Pratchett manage to take parts of history or literature and completely mess it up - If you haven't read any Discworld novels yet (does people like that exist?) then you should. Soul Music seems as good as usual.

Death is definitively one of my favourite Discworld characters. How can you not love a grim reaper that is bored with his job, confused about his place in the world, and that keeps trying so hard to fit in, but never can get it right (such as his house that is larger inside than outside because he doesn't quite understand the limitations people are subject to)...

The vivid descriptions of how the band steals a piano and gets past the night watch by pretending to be a speaking piano going out for a walk had me laughing out loud and making my fiancee giving me strange looks (as she always does when I'm reading Discworld novels).

(Yes, I should be reading for my exam, but I'm tired, and coughing and dripping all over the place, and I just found out my average for my assignments is 93% and the specimen exam is so easy I lost all motivation to spend more time reading... Unfortunately my next two courses will actually require me to read properly...)

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