IKEA for the lazy (or short of time) 2005-04-06

www.unflatpack.com offers a personal shopper site for IKEA in the UK.

Interesting idea, as the one thing that annoy me with IKEA is actually having to go there - even though they do offer delivery, actually shopping there can be so annoying, and their delivery options are very limited.

These guys will go to IKEA for you, get the goods, deliver them at a convenient time, and can assemble it for you if you pay extra.

I've been wanting something similar for a long time: A company that I can have stuff I order delivered to, and that will pass it on to me at a schedule that works for me (I.e. precise time slots in the evening or weekends only) for the times I want to order something from some company that insists on daytime delivery sometime during the day and forces me to stay at home.

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