Trials and tribulations of a new office 2005-03-07

Just getting settled in at my new office in central London. From a relatively "cosy" office with "only" 80-90 people per floor we've gone to a building where the walk to the soda machine is an epic journey...

Amazingly enough almost everything seems to just work. IT did an amazing job in getting things hooked up, and apart from a few machines being denied access to the network due to wrong configuration everything has just worked more or less out of the box.

My one gripe so far are the meeting rooms... Why, oh why are the meeting rooms on the floor that house only it/engineering staff and HR being primarily allocated to client facing meetings, while the floors for sales and marketing etc. have plenty of rooms for ad hoc meetings?

And whose idea was it to name all the meeting rooms on one of the floors after pubs? I can just imagine all the intentional "misunderstandings" when people are told to meet in Slug and Lettuce.
For that matter, on other floors we now have rooms like Reading, Milton Keynes and Bognor Regis, as well as Bondi, Ipanema, Waikiki and other beaches...

The area, though, is great. Just minutes away from Charing Cross Road for bookshops, Tottenham Court Road for electronics, as well as China Town... Mmm. Dim Sum for lunch all this week?

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