The simple joys of office life 2005-03-15

We've been in the new office for a week now, and we're getting settled in. Apart from being one of a small group of unlucky people who have yet to receive a new security badge (I hope I shouldn't read anything into that...) everything is fine. Great in fact.

Such simple things as having a soda machine instead of a fridge that never got refilled, or a hot drinks machine, and even an unlocked stationary cupboard within walking distance (!) are making it quite enjoyable. Not that the old office was bad, but the new one is definitively of a significantly higher standard.

And it's fascinating how stressfull such a simple thing as stationary can make office life when the stationary was stored in an office that would be locked on a regular basis and you felt the piercing eyes of the facilities manage judging you if you took a pen too much.

Though our desks are smaller in the new office, CRT's being replaced with LCD's helps that, and despite the desk since most of us still have more privacy and storage space here.

The one downside: It takes several minutes to walk to reception or to the nearest quiet rooms... A well, I'll consider it excercise.

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