Squashed philosophers 2005-03-29

Ever wanted to impress friends with your knowledge of philosophy, or just wondered what they were all about, but don't have time (or the interest) to read the full original works and try to understand them?

Squashed Philosophers is a site that provides you with a timeline of important works in Western thinking, with links to abridged versions, complete with summaries, a very reduced version and a somewhat longer one, including reading time estimates.

Note that many of the philosophers are represented with works that may be less known among people without much exposure to them. For example, Marx and Engels is represented with the early work "The German Ideology", not with more well known later work such as the Communist Manifesto.

This selection of lesser known work from some of the represented people is perhaps a good move, as the well known works are also the ones you're most likely to know most about (or even have read).

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