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Your Functional Programming Language Nightmares Come True

The other day covered Wouter's languages.

But some of them actually make a great deal of sense. Quite unlike pure evil that is Unlambda - a pure functional language based exclusively on combinators.

Seeing Unlambda brought back bad ...

Do YOU work with fools?

Some of the stories at
seem strangely familiar... Of course I'm talking about past jobs.... :)


Geek porn...

Samsung Offers 82-inch HDTV TFT-LCD display panel. Drool. Something tells me I won't like the price.


Compile time Towers of Hanoi

A short and simple C++ template meta-programming implementation of the Towers of Hanoi

'The internet is shit'

This site is quite remarkable.

On the surface it's a short treatise or manifesto that boils down to the fact that the internet isn't some magic solution to all the worlds problems, but just a tool, and that people need to realise this and take it ...

Random Access Memory: An experiment in collective recollection

Random Access Memory is a strangely compelling site.

It allows you to browse and add (if you register, which is free) fragments of memories. Memories can be browsed and searched by year or by subject.

Try a subject like

Transcript of EU Council Meeting on Software Patent Directive

Head over to Groklaw for a transcript and discussion of the EU Council meeting that adopted the software patents directive.

FFII also have a page with English and French transcripts as well as a audio recording ...

Time passing you by?

If you feel time is going to fast; that things are to transient; that society is focused too much on the here and the now, then The Long Now Foundation is for you.