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BlogPulse Conversation Tracker

Via Mike Liksvayer: BlogPulse Conversation Tracker is a specialized search that attempts to build a view of the "conversation" that is created by people commenting on a blog entry around the web.

This is the kind of application that would be so much easier with widespread use ...

Making the web a long tail broadcast medium

Anybody remember Pointcast? Back in the dot-com boom years, when push technologies was going to be the Next Big Thing, Pointcast was IT. "Everybody" were clamouring for a piece of the push action. Then nothing happened.

So where are we now? Push is finally maturing - conceptually - though data is ...

Lilina News Aggregator

Lilina news aggregator is a browser based RSS/Atom reader with a great, simple interface and which doesn't need a database.

Check out this Lilina based site for an example.

(via vrypan|net|log)


BBC: Blogging 'a paedophile's dream'

Newsflash: Technology can be used for bad things too

Next on Persecution Today: Psychologist warns phone is evil, as it can be used by paedophile's to exchange information, printers should be banned because the can be used to print illegal photos.


Do we need the Semantic Web?

ZDNet UK takes a brief look at the current status of the Semantic Web in this article.

I'm currently preparing an essay on the Semantic Web as part of my MSc. studies with Open University, so ...

Link love

Burningbird � Guys Don’t Link is an interesting (and hilarious) article on male bloggers obsession with links ('Mags, are you telling me that guys equate links with their dicks?'...).

Personally, though, I think a large reason why the perceived "old-boys" network of "alpha bloggers" is ...

Magpie: PHP RSS/Atom parser

Came across Magpie today, and now I know what I'm going to spend the weekend playing with... (apart from painting and flooring the rest of the living room.. sigh..)


Fired for blogging?

Anil Dash: Nobody has ever been fired for blogging provides a good summary of the recent debate over whether or not blogging is a risk or an advantage for your career.

My own take? Assume everything you write in your blog ...

Why we love Wil

In his latest post Wil Wheaton demonstrate why his blog is constantly one of the most worthwhile to read: He doesn't try to play it cool and act like he's seen it all, so when thing works out ...