Random Access Memory: An experiment in collective recollection 2005-03-08

Random Access Memory is a strangely compelling site.

It allows you to browse and add (if you register, which is free) fragments of memories. Memories can be browsed and searched by year or by subject.

Try a subject like love for instance, and you'll find short fragments spanning decades - some just a line or two where you can spend ages trying to figure out what it meant for the person who wrote it; some longer entries painting vivid images.

Or try a year that meant something to you - say 1975 - and get an eclectic mix of fragments relating to everything from a particular person, relationships, and others.

It's one of the most successful conceptual art projects I've seen online, and a great experiment in that it's one of those things that are impossible to predict the outcome of once you start. Well worth a visit.

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