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Cisco and Patent Troll Tracker

Cisco is changing their corporate policy on blogging in response to the revelation that the blogger Troll Tracker was a Cisco employee named Rick Frenkel working on intellectual property law, and they don't react with drastic knee jerk restrictions. Wow.

Cisco has obviously had a good reputation in terms of ...

Latest referrers using Rack and Ruby

As most bloggers I like to keep an eye on where my traffic is coming from, and especially when there are surges in traffic. I'm using both Google Analytics and Feedburner for stats, and it works great for trends, but not see what's happening right now.

This morning I needed a ...

Why coupling is always bad / Cohesion vs. coupling

In the discussion following my entry "Why Rails is total overkill and why I love Rack" several comments raised the issue of whether high coupling is always bad. My answer was that I believe it is, but at the same time it can be worth it sometimes.

It seems like ...

The OOXML circus is making ISO increasingly irrelevant

One of the Brazilian delegates to the BRM for OOXML has posted a lot of details of the charad.

How anyone can seriously think that the OOXML fast track process hasn't been full of undue influence and massive abuse of the ISO process, and quite possibly outright corruption is beyond ...

Writing a compiler in Ruby bottom up - step 1/??

I've just posted the second part of this series. See part 2

I've been sitting on this for a long time - the oldest entries in the series I'm about to start posting is stuff I started writing back in early 2005 before I even started version 1 of ...

Model-View-Controller - the beginning

I stumbled over the homepage of Trygve Reenskaug, the inventor of MVC yesterday. His page on Model-View-Controller is well worth a visit, particularly for the original documents from Xerox Parc outlining the pattern.


Trackback / comment spammers still at it...

It is more than a little bit depressing that after a two year hiatus, I still see hundreds of hits a day to my old Movable Type comment and trackback URL's (that helpfully only returns 404's now). The question is of course how soon someone picks up on my new comment ...

URLs do not belong in the Views

It's bothered me for some time to hardcode URLs in my views. It means that if I want to revise the linking structure, I may need to modify the views in a huge number of places. At the same time I don't like the thought of putting it in the model ...

Enforcing Strict Model-View Separation in Template Engines

This is a great article on the importance of a clean separation of models and views (see Model-View-Controller).

More people are getting exposed to MVC with web applications programming, but not everyone are making it a clean separation. Much of the benefit of MVC comes from making sure ...