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Mini reviews of 19 Ruby template engines

I've seen lots of template systems in Ruby, but haven't been really been happy with any of them. Over the last few months or so I've kept notes of the ones I looked at. This is the list I came up with, and some comments on each. But first a disclaimer:


Why Rails is total overkill and why I love Rack

Rails is total overkill. It tries to do "everything" in a massive framework where major components are tightly intervowen. Smaller frameworks like Merb and Camping have already shown you don't NEED this. I argue you don't need a framework at all - you need highly cohesive, loosely coupled components. That is ...

Pet peeve: Exposing file extensions on the web

I keep coming across sites with pages like "/location.asp" or "/Home.aspx". I absolutely hate it.

What happens when you want to redevelop your site in another language? Do you litter 301 redirects all over the place? Or just break all your old links? Or force your webserver to treat pages ...