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Visual programming

PlutoSpin- GIPSpin (Graphical Interface Programming) is the latest in a long range of attempts at visual programming systems (not to be confused with visual IDE's for text based languages).

I'm not convinced of the versatility of the approach they've taken, but I always like taking ...

Why does all diagramming tools SUCK?

During work, and as part of my part time studies, I frequently have the need to create diagrams. Most often things like UML diagrams, flowcharts and ER diagrams.

So far I've yet to find a single usable - be it closed source or open source diagramming package.

The genral problem seems ...

Semantic web as future reality

This entry at Fred on Something neatly summarises my painful experiences while reading the W3 specs and assorted tutorial this weekend:

The thing is that RDF is not intended to be easily understood by humans like simple XML documents. RDF is intended to be understood ...

N3 as a logic language

After yesterday's entry Understanding the Semantic Web: N3 to the rescue I went on to spend some time actually starting to write a N3 parser. The language is straightforward enough, though the BNF grammar was a bit awkward.


Understanding the Semantic Web: N3 to the rescue

I've spent most of today reading up on RDF, OWL and other painful stuff. Things were going really slowly (what f******d decided using set theory to describe the RDF semantics was a good idea, when it could have been so "simple" if they'd instead just explained things in terms of what ...

Google sued by French Press

Agence France Presse is suing Google for syndicating their news stories on Google News.
I found out about this via this post at ThreadWatch. See also this CNet article.

This lawsuit cuts to the heart of fair use and ...

Groklaw: Report from UK PTO software patent workshop

Groklaw has this eyewitness report from the UK Patent Office's Technical Contribution Workshops related to the EU software patents directive.

Don't expect much to come out of this - the UK government is firmly pro-software patents, but it's interesting anyway.


Ah... I get it now: It's Prolog all over again

Metalog - the semantic web query/logical system seems to be exactly what I've been looking for in terms of allowing simple exploration of Semantic Web technologies without all the lofty promises clouding things up.

Take a look at the quick guide and ...