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Usable XMLHttpRequest in practice

XMLHttpRequest in practice is a real gem of an article for anyone who wants to update their web applications with an XMLHttpRequest/AJAX type interface.

(Found at Blue Sky On Mars)


RDF and the Semantic Web ludicrous ideas?

I came across this: RDF and the Semantic Web are ludicrous ideas | Semiologic which is a short and thought provoking alternative view of the Semantic Web. I had to post a response, part of which I quote the most ...

Blogcritics: Accelerating the 'Roe Effect'

David Flanagan has written an article on Blogcritics called Accelerating The 'Roe Effect'

While I don't at all agree with his arguments, I found it a very interesting read on the ideas surrounding changes to marriage.

Changing the concept of marriage

My main argument ...

Whatever happened to...?

Endless fun: The Online Compendium of 'What Ever Happened To' and 'Where Are They Now?

A great site to go to whenever you wonder who you haven't seen that guy in any movies lately and ...

Managing your way out of chaos

Through my career, I've "always" (with the exception of a one year stint in the middle) managed people. However it's been something I fell into more or less by chance, and I didn't have any formal training in management practices when I first did it.

I've recounted some of my learning ...

About Haskell and why the quicksort example is bogus

About Haskell is a page about the functional programming language Haskell.

It's well worth a read if you haven't read up on functional programming before.

But whenever I read intro's like these, there is one thing that provoke me: That bloody quicksort example.

Here is quicksort in Haskell:


Simple push parsers

I've been toying with a simple table driven push parser class today. Normally I write my parsers as recursive descent either with or without a separate lexer stage.

However I've already disliked pull parsers because it's inflexible - the parser and not you control the amount of IO. As such it ...

Wired: Are socialites still Networking

Joanna Glasner at Wired has written the article Are Socialites Still Networking? that takes a look at whether social networking sites are living up to the hype.

She covers the split into two sub-groups: meeting friends and professional networking.

Personally I think the ...

The failure of abstinence in sexual politics

According to a report by Yale and Columbia University researcheers many who pledge abstinence are at risk for STDs.

Among virgins, boys who have pledged abstinence were four times more likely to have had anal sex, according to ...