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LDAP braindamage

I've been configuring LDAP at work (specifically OpenLDAP). Why, oh why does libnss-ldap find it necessary to do a reverse lookup on the IP address of the LDAP server it is configured to use after it has already connected to it?

Presumably it's some sort of misguided attempt at checking ...

Strawman for a new parser generator

I have very strong opinions when it comes to parser generators. Most parsers I've written have ended up being hand written or have used some half-assed parser generators I've written myself, because I've yet to find a parser generator I like. I've found many I like aspects of, but they invariably ...

So much for giving up the OOXML fight - Demonstration in Oslo

Geir Isene is reporting that there's a demonstration planned for April 9th outside a conference of the ISO group responsible for the OOXML travesty. Wish I could be in Oslo to join in...


Joys of virtualization

There is something oddly pleasurable in a zen kind of way to be able to log into an OpenVz container, and see a process list like this:

 root@ldap:~# pstree init-+-apache2---apache2 |-cron |-slapd---3*[{slapd}] |-syslogd `-vzctl---bash---pstree 

This is everything that's running in our new OpenLDAP container at work, including Apache ...

Ur-Scheme: A tiny self-hosting Scheme to x86 asm compiler

You may have seen that I'm posting a series about writing a compiler in Ruby. Here's a similar project, but compiling scheme to x86 asm. The page is well worth a read for the insights into various compilation issues:

Ur-Scheme: A GPL self-hosting compiler from a subset of R5RS ...

Writing a compiler in Ruby bottom up - step 3

Chaining expressions with "do"

So far, the second version from last time can execute one single expression, and that's it. Not very useful. So I need to add a way to chain expressions like in the body of a function.

Writing a compiler in Ruby bottom up - step 2/??

My choice of Ruby as my implementation language was pretty arbitrary. The choice doesn't matter all that much at this stage, but I really like Ruby.

At some point, however, there will be a series of steps to bring the language and the compiler closer together. What I mean by that ...

More OOXML folly

Most people who care know by now that OOXML was approved by ISO.

Avi Alkalay wrote a great post that illustrates very clearly the folly behind the OOXLM fast track process: OOXML in Numbers

And Standard Norge tried hard to make up excuses for their yes to OOXML ...

OOXML: Ashamed of Standard Norge and insulting comments from Alex Brown

As a Norwegian, I've been steaming all weekend over the decision of the Norwegian national body to vote for OOXML against the wishes of the technical committee. Promoting the repair shop philosophy is a good redux on the embarrassing decision. Tthe only votes for were reportedly from Standard Norge bureaucrats, ...