Making Graphviz output pretty with XSL - Updated 2009-05-18

Over a year ago I posted an XSL file for prettying up Graphviz diagrams. 

I got lots of feedback, and recently I've been fixing various bugs, and I finally got around to adding support for more of the Graphviz node shapes etc.

Here's an example of various node types and colors with the new version. Note that while rounder corners are "sort of" working, I haven't found a good way of making the gradient fill work nicely with it. The current version has been tested with Graphviz 2.20.2.

(Scaled down a bit to fit my layout; if you can't see it you need a browser that can embed SVG's, such as any recent Firefox or Safari)

The XSL file can be found with various other Graphviz related tools at my diagram tools repository on GitHub

This is a fairly substantial set of changes, so please do let me know if you find any bugs (if so, I appreciate an example dot-file as well as the Graphviz XSL output and the "cleaned" XSL output, and the version number of the Graphviz version you're using - please try to upgrade to at least 2.20.2, though).

Thanks to Jonas Tingeborn, Earl Cummings and Kevin Keraudren for various bug fixes and help debugging. Thanks to Michael Kennedy for posting a variation with lots of gradients (I've pilfered a smallish subset for my updated version - but you can copy the rest from his version if you prefer)

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