Turtle parser update 2005-04-09

My Turtle parser is getting along quite nicely. The parser bytecode itself still weighs in at less than a KB, and I've built a very simple RDF model and code to generate triples.

As it stands it now passes most of the pre-requisite tests specified in the Turtle spec. Once it passes the full set, and I'm done with my damn exam, I think it's time to put up a page with the source code and some documentation.

The RDF model is in no way suitable for production use, but I'll abstract out the interface used by the parser to add triples to it, so that it'll be easy to replace it with an adapter to a proper RDF model implementation.

The parser is still fairly messy, so after that I want to go back and improve the assembler to allow local labels and constants, and see whether I should consider some changes to the opcodes. Then I have three candidates for what to continue with: either a BNF parser to generate assembly for my VM, extending the Turtle parser to full N3 and write code to generate assembly from the N3 BNF representation of the N3 grammar, or start on a XML parser.

I suspect I'll start with the BNF tool, as that would massively simplify the XML parser in particular. I've done BNF parser generation tools before, but never quite liked the approach I chose to generating events - I feel the trigger mechanism I've chosen now is fairly nice. The only thing I might want to do is make it easier to pass additional data from the parser to the trigger callback.

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