Style: SWT port to C++ 2005-04-02

I came across Style at Freshmeat:

You gave a hard cold look at CPLAT, FLTK, Juce, NoWait, Qt, Toad, VCF, WxWidgets and ZooLib and you came back with the idea that C++ Cross Platform UI toolkits might be fine for business applications, but that you would never consider using any of those for end-user applications?

You thought that all those screen-shots were great, except that they didn't convey the user experience (or the lack thereof), and most importantly, lacked style?

From your C++ vantage point, you've peered at Java's Swing or even better, at IBM's SWT, and saw what really responsive, and host platform friendly user interfaces should look like?

If, like me, you have been annoyed by the lack of attention to the little things in UI development, that just drive users crazy, then collaborating to Style may be for you.

Style is the ongoing C++ port of IBM's Native Look and Feel SWT for Java, itself deriving from IBM's VisualAge for SmallTalk, with two major twists.

I love the idea. SWT always seemed to me to be a great step forward for Java in that you'd finally be able to drop the butt-ugly Swing look and get something that looks (and behaves) as a native application.

I'm really happy to see a project to provide something similar to C++. Note, though, that this project so far only have OS/X code - the GTK and Windows ports are only on the planning stage.

One of the reasons I'm posting this is in the hope that someone will volunteer to help this guy out...

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