Back from Paris - in love with Eurostar 2005-04-13

Just got back from Paris around 8pm. Left home around 6.30am this morning. It's great to just be able to zip in to Waterloo, sit down on a comfy train and wake up in the middle of Paris just a metro ride or two away from your destination (and contrary to the bloody London Underground, the Paris Metro is a pleasure to use - for one you don't have to walk for miles to change lines).

Spent only around 4 hours in Paris, though, so no sight seeing. It's been about ten years since last time, so it's about time I get around to going for a weekend or so again.

Coolest part: I just love the French trains - the TGV / Thalys trains parked at Gare du Nord looks like props from an 80's movie...

Worst part: When the metro ticket machine refused to accept my cards, my phone wouldn't roam, I didn't have a single Euro on me and the handle of my travel bag broke all within minutes - luckily my cards did work at the bureau the change at the other end of the station (though at a horrific 8% commission), and I got an ugly but solid small suitcase back at the metro station for 30 Euros.

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