Screw you Bill! 2005-03-10

Study Says UK Workers Stressed by Deceitful Office Culture and Microsoft tries to use the study to sell software...

Apparently Microsoft software will make information flow more efficient, thereby increasing the honesty of staff. An obvious conclusion!

One might be tempted to conclude that perhaps Microsoft should let Bill and Microsofts PR staff more Microsoft software since they seem to be a bit lacking...

Funny, though, as the article does point out, that it was a culture of deceit in US companies that gave us marvellous companies such as Enron and Worldcom.

I don't have a problem with the idea that many employers - whether in the UK or the US - feel compelled to lie to hide problems. However it just gets sad when someone tries to use it as a way of selling in software, when the main problem is not access to information but a culture where acknowledging problems with a project in many companies are considered a sign of weak management. What do you do when you deal with a company where people get terrified at the prospect of a risk and issues log for example and insists there are no risk?

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