Easter means back to my essay... 2005-03-25

Here in the UK we're off Friday and Monday thanks to Easter, so it means I have all of today and tomorrow to finish my essay on the Semantic Web (it's due by midnight Saturday). Hopefully I'll wrap it up tonight. I'd have finished it last weekend if it wasn't for the fact that I'm so easy to side track whenever I start looking at cool new technology - I have a half finished N3 parser and a half finished C++ DOM implementation to show for it...

If I finish my essay today, though, I should probably finish painting the living room before I let myself tempt to continue work on them, or my significant other might get a tad annoyed.

We've had the house for 7 months now, and we're still not done with all the redecorating - once I've completed painting and laying the flooring in the living room we still have two bedrooms and the kitchen to go.

It really annoys me that the redecorating is keeping me from programming, but then the amount of money we saved by buying a house in need of some work is ridiculous.

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