Dan Gillmor: Terrorism and the Internet 2005-03-09

Head over to Dan Gillmor's blog for info on his participation at the International Summit on Democracy, Security and Terrorism in Madrid.

Related to the same conference, Joi Ito points out that the organizers have restricted press access to the summit. Note: See update below

I hope more people see the irony of restricting press access to a meeting which, in its conference FAQ has quotes like "The Summit will rest on the idea that democratic government is the only legitimate —and still the only effective— way of fighting terrorism. Only freedom can save freedom, and the struggle against terrorism can only succees by the rule of law."

Did somebody forget to tell them that press access and open debate is one of the cornerstones of democratic society?

Update: Joi Ito has updated his blog to mention that apparently the organizers did not want to restrict journalist access but did so only because of logistical problems. Let's hope that's correct.

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